IRBA Newsletter Issue 49

Issue 49 | January - March 2020 7 INVESTIGATIONS INVESTIGATING COMMITTEE The Investigating Committee met once during this period and referred 11 matters to the Disciplinary Advisory Committee. DISCIPLINARY ADVISORY COMMITTEE The Disciplinary Advisory Committee met once during this period and concluded on six matters. Decisions Not to Charge One matter in terms of Disciplinary Rule – there is a reasonable explanation for the respondent’s conduct. Decisions to Charge and Matters Finalised by Consent Order One matter was finalised by consent order. Matter 1 The matter was a referral from the Inspections Committee. The respondent failed to obtain sufficient appropriate evidence, as required by the International Standards on Auditing, on numerous balances and transactions. Furthermore, the respondent was not independent due to the respondent being both the appointed auditor of the holding company and a director of a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company. In addition, the respondent breached Section 92(1) of the Companies Act in that the respondent was the appointed auditor of the company for more than five consecutive years. The respondent was sentenced to a fine of R150 000, of which R100 000 has been suspended for five years, on condition that the respondent is not found guilty of improper conduct relating to work done during the period of suspension; no cost order; and publication by the IRBA in general terms. In addition, the respondent must arrange and ensure that external training on the practical application of auditing standards is attended by the respondent and their audit staff within 60 days of the imposition of the sentence, and must provide evidence of compliance to the IRBA. Decisions to Charge and Matters Referred for Disciplinary Hearings Four matters were referred to the Legal Department for disciplinary hearings. Jillian Bailey Director Investigations Telephone: (087) 940-8800 E-mail: