IRBA Newsletter Issue 50

Issue 50 | April - June 2020 15 COMMUNICATIONS In the interest of improved communication with registered auditors and other stakeholders, a list of communiques sent by bulk e-mail during the reporting period issue is set out below. These communiques may be downloaded from the IRBA website under the News section. 30 June 2020 Auditors’ Duty to Report RIs on Non-compliance with the EAAB Regulatory Deadline of 30 June 2020 30 June 2020 Inspections Committee of the IRBA Call for Nominations 30 June 2020 IRBA Staff Audit Practice Alert 5: The Auditor’s Considerations with Respect to Transactions that are not at Arm’s Length 22 June 2020 The IRBA Issues the Updated South African Assurance Engagements Practice Statement 1, Sustainability Assurance Engagements: Rational Purpose, Appropriateness of Underlying Subject Matter and Suitability of Criteria 18 June 2020 IRBA Staff Audit Practice Alert 4: A South African Perspective on the Auditor’s Considerations Relating to Fraud 15 June 2020 IRBA’s Banking Details Remain Unchanged 29 May 2020 Assurance Fees Payable to the IRBA with Effect from 1 April 2020 29 May 2020 Call for New Projects for the CFAS Work Programme 25 May 2020 Different Interpretations of Permitted Services Under Alert Level 4 Lockdown Regulations 22 May 2020 Impact on Audits Due to COVID-19: Related Publications 22 May 2020 Disciplinary Committee of the IRBA Call for Nominations 20 May 2020 IRBA Lifts the Suspension on the Submission of Second Reportable Irregularities Reports 18 May 2020 IRBA Draws Attention to the Key Audit Matters in Auditor’s Reports As It Relates to COVID-19 15 May 2020 Extension for the Submission of the Legal Practitioners’ Trust Accounts Assurance Report 15 May 2020 Investigations Committee of the IRBA Call for Nominations 11 May 2020 Disciplinary Committee of the IRBA Call for Nominations 4 May 2020 Exposure Draft: Proposed International Standard on Auditing 600 (Revised) Special Considerations - Audits of Group Financial Statements (Including the Work of Component Auditors) 28 April 2020 Guide for Registered Auditors: Engagements on Legal Practitioners’ Trust Accounts (Revised March 2020) 28 April 2020 IRBA Board Appoints Jenitha John as New CEO 23 April 2020 COVID-19 and Its Impact on File Assembly (Archiving) 22 April 2020 IAASB’s New Strategy and Work Plan Focuses on Increased Agility, Enhanced Coordination and a Priority on Responding to Emerging Challenges 21 April 2020 COVID-19: High-Quality Audits and Its Implications for Reporting Deadlines 16 April 2020 The Impact of COVID-19 on the Auditor’s Report: Going Concern 07 April 2020 IRBA News Issue #49 03 April 2020 General Extension on Financial Reporting Periods 02 April 2020 Investigations Committee of the IRBA Call for Nominations 1 April 2020 Response to Accountants and Auditors Wanting their Services to be Designated as Essential 1 April 2020 2020 Annual Renewal IRBA COMMUNICATIONS If you would like to receive IRBA communications, or are aware of a non-auditor who would like to receive these, please email Lebogang Manganye at .