IRBA Newsletter Issue 52

Issue 52 | October-December 2020 16 OPERATIONS ASSURANCE FEE BILLINGS Registered auditors (RAs) are reminded that the assurance fee billing invoices were issued on 7 December 2020 . As these invoices are due 30 days from the date of issue, RAs are urged to ensure that these are settled promptly. It is concerning to note that there a number of firms that have not yet submitted their assurance declarations, despite reminder emails and phone calls, in addition to the extensions granted earlier in the year. In this regard, RAs are reminded of the provisions in the disciplinary rules that reference improper conduct, in Rule 2.13 , as “failure to comply within a reasonable time, with an order, requirement or request of the Regulatory Board”. Consequently, RAs are advised that those who will not have made their submissions by 11 December will be referred for an investigation. It should also be noted that due to the non-submission of assurance fee declarations in 2020, RAs have been invoiced on their last assurance declaration provided. Assurance Fee Declarations The explanatory memo and the information required for the 2021 assurance declaration will be provided in January 2021. When this is available, RAs are requested to carefully review the communication and note the submission deadlines. Contact Information Update RAs are requested to update their contact information via the IRBA website by clicking here . Nitasha Naicker Director Operations Telephone: (087) 940-8800 E-mail: