IRBA Newsletter Issue 53

Issue 53 | January-March 2021 25 COMMUNICATIONS In the interest of improved communication with registered auditors and other stakeholders, a list of communiques sent by bulk e-mail during the reporting period for this issue is set out below. These communiques may be downloaded from the IRBA website under the News section. 17 March 2021 Revised Illustrative Banks Act Regulatory Auditor’s Reports 16 March 2021 IFIAR Urges Continued Audit Quality Improvement Efforts in Its 2020 Global Inspections Findings Survey Report 12 March 2021 IRBA Board Adopts the Suite of Quality Management Standards: ISQC 1 Replaced by ISQM 1, the New ISQM 2, Significant Revisions to ISA 220, Changes in Substance, Implications for Practice in South Africa, Effective Dates and Implementation Guidance 12 March 2021 Fees payable to the IRBA with effect from 1 April 2021 11 March 2021 Final Amendments to Subsection 115 of the IRBA Code of Professional Conduct for Registered Auditors (Revised November 2018): Electronic Signatures 10 March 2021 Revisions to the IRBA Code to Promote the Role and Mindset Expected of Registered Auditors 9 March 2021 IRBA Releases Its Second Audit Quality Indicators Report, Placing Actionable Information in the Hands of Stakeholders 9 March 2021 Investigating Committee of the IRBA Call for Nominations 8 March 2021 Early adopters on the JSE drive MAFR up to 43% 8 March 2021 IRBA announces Acting Director: Inspections 2 March 2021 IRBA Introduces Acting CEO 26 February 2021 Standards and Ethics related IRBA pronouncements which have a December 2020 or 2021 effective date 25 February 2021 The IAASB Issues an Exposure Draft on Conforming and Consequential Amendments to the IAASB’s Other Standards as a Result of the New and Revised Quality Management Standards 25 February 2021 Caretaker Board issues a call for nominations to serve on the IRBA Board 16 February 2021 Updates on Governance Steps Taken by the Caretaker Board 9 February 2021 IESBA Proposes Revisions to the Definitions of Listed Entity and Public Interest Entity in the Code and Implications for South Africa 1 February 2021 Online Submission of Assurance Work Declaration and Firm Related Information 2021 1 February 2021 IRBA Releases Its 2020 Public Inspections Report which Shows Continued Quality Deficiencies and Inconsistencies at Audit Firms 11 December 2020 Audits of Investment Properties and/or Property Companies IRBA COMMUNICATIONS If you would like to receive IRBA communications, or if you are aware of a non-auditor who would like to receive these, please advise Lebogang Manganye by emailing her at .