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IRBAtoHost the IAESBMeeting

and a keynote address by theWorld Bank.

For more information on this meeting, including the agenda,

go to the IAESBwebsite link at

. meetings/iaesb-meeting/april-13-15-2016/johannesburg- south-africa-0

The IRBA will host the International Accounting Education

Standards Board (IAESB) Consultative Advisory Group

(CAG), and IAESB meetings taking place, in Johannesburg

from 11-15 April 2016. The week-long meeting will, for the first

time, include a forum that will be open to all stakeholders in the

profession. The forum will consist of two panel discussions

2 2

Issue 33 January - March 2016

Latest Public Compliance Communication


Terrorist Property Reports in terms of Section 28Aof the FIC

Act; and


Suspicious and Unusual Transaction Reports in terms of

Section 29 of the FICAct.

All temporary login credentials will be valid until Friday 22April

2016 at 17h00. Queries on this and other compliance matters

c a n b e l o g g e d i n v i a t h e F I C w e b s i t e a t

or you can call


The Financial Intelligence Centre (FIC) has issued Public

Compliance Communication No.34, which allows accountable

and reporting institutions not registered as at 7 March 2016 to

contact the FIC to obtain temporary login credentials. This will

allow these institutions to submit a report to the FIC.

Using the temporary login credentials, accountable and

reporting institutions will be able to submit the following reports

to the FIC:


Cash Threshold Reports in terms of Section 28 of the FIC


HoldingOut Update

that the individual has since been removed from the institute's

register. The individual was prosecuted for contravening

Section 41 of the Auditing Profession Act by creating an

impression that he was a registered auditor.

Following the successful prosecution of ES Mzileni by the

Commercial Crime Unit of the SAPS in Durban – as mentioned

in the January-March 2015


(Issue 29) – the

Institute of Accounting and Commerce has informed the IRBA