IRBA Newsletter Issue 53

Issue 53 | January-March 2021 19 REGISTRY REGISTRATIONS, RE-REGISTRATIONS AND TERMINATIONS REGISTRY MOVEMENTS: QUARTER 4 (2020/2021) New Registrations 22 Re-Registrations 2 Terminations 48 Total Active RAs 3 637 Note: During the reporting period, 22 new registrations were confirmed and entered into the register, while two registered auditors were re-registered. This brought the total number of registrations to 24 for the reporting period. A total of 48 registered auditors (RAs) were removed from the register, and the most prevalent reason for these removals was resignation. Consequently, as at 25 March 2021, the total number of RAs was 3 637. The names of RAs entered into the register and those removed from it are provided in the tables below. INDIVIDUALS ADMITTED TO THE REGISTER OF THE IRBA FROM 11 SEPTEMBER 2020-2 DECEMBER 2020 Abbas, Mohamed Khuseed Moruck, Adiebah Carneiro, Americo Motea, Linda Keletso Carvalho, Robert Mpendu, Deneo Odette Chasou, Stelios Ngele, Chumani De Oliveira, Michelle Ntuli, Patience Griesel, Jan Alwyn Panday, Nadij Hulett, Rourke Leige Paruk, Ahmed Ismail Jankeeparsad, Ronelle Steyn, Annette Jivan, Rupa Anoushka Surtee, Zaheera Mampa, Donny Moah Terblanche, Monique Mnqayi, Promise Lungile Vincent, Tarryn Jade INDIVIDUALS RE-ADMITTED TO THE REGISTER OF THE IRBA FROM 19 OCTOBER 2020-2 DECEMBER 2020 Britz, Freda Van Huyssteen, Claire Patricia INDIVIDUALS REMOVED FROM THE REGISTER OF THE IRBA FROM 26 NOVEMBER 2020-23 MARCH 2021 Ally, Fathima Bibi Resigned Myataza, Asanda Resigned Brown, Trevor Jonathan Resigned Ndlovu, Moshabe William Resigned Bruk, Hyman Passed away Nel, Jacobus Johannes Bekker Passed away Chen, Su-Chin Resigned Neuhaus, Bernt Leopold Resigned Chen, Su-Lan Resigned Oosthuizen, Roelof Resigned Cohen, Jonathan Resigned Paruk, Mahomed Sadeck Ahmed Resigned Davidson, Nevin Peter Passed away Rae, Tanya Resigned De Kock, Charlene Angelique Resigned Snijder, Harm Resigned Du Plessis, Leon Resigned Speed, Robyn Lee Emigrated Du Plessis, Niel Resigned Spies, Robert Joachim Resigned Eloff, Theunis Resigned Strydom, Gerrit Johannes Resigned Fakey, Zahid Hassan Resigned Swanepoel, Matheus Johannes Resigned Forster, Kerry-Anne Emigrated Templar, Simon Roderick Nairn Resigned Friend, Stephen David Resigned Terblanche, Frans Jacobus Passed away