IRBA Newsletter Issue 53

Issue 53 | January-March 2021 8 entities should be treated as PIEs, for independence purposes; and to publicly disclose if an audit client was treated as a PIE; and • Recognise and encourage local regulators to refine the PIE categories to cater for national conditions. Comments are due to the IRBA by 19 April 2020. The Exposure Draft is available in PDF format and may be downloaded from the IRBA website . INTERNATIONAL ETHICS STANDARDS BOARD FOR ACCOUNTANTS (IESBA) IRBA, IESBA and IAASB Jointly Issue Staff Guidance on Navigating the Heightened Risks of Fraud and Other Illicit Activities During the COVID-19 Pandemic The Staff of the IRBA, the IESBA and the IAASB have jointly released a publication, Navigating the Heightened Risks of Fraud and Other Illicit Activities During the COVID-19 Pandemic, including Considerations for Auditing Financial Statements. The publication highlights the heightened risks of fraud arising from the disruptive and uncertain COVID-19 environment and the implications for professional accountants in business, including accountants in government, and professional accountants in public practice, including auditors. In addition to this, the following COVID-19 related publications may also be relevant: • The Staff of Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada and the IESBA jointly released a Staff Alert, COVID-19 and Evolving Risks for Money Laundering, Terrorist Financing and Cybercrime. This document highlights the heightened risks of money laundering, terrorist financing and cybercrime in the COVID-19 environment. It describes the implications for both professional accountants in business and public practice. • A staff publication, Ethical and Auditing implications arising from Government-Backed COVID-19 Business Support Schemes, jointly released by the Staff of the UK Financial Reporting Council and the IESBA, highlights ethical and auditing implications arising from government-backed business support programmes that have been utilised at unprecedented levels during the pandemic. IESBA Projects in Progress • Non-assurance Services. • Fees. • Definition of PIE and Listed Entity. • Engagement Teams/Group Audits. • Technology. • Tax Planning and related services. • Engagement Quality Reviewer. • Benchmarking Initiative. More information on these projects is available on the IESBA website. Should you have any further queries, please email standards@irba. Imran Vanker Director Standards Telephone: (087) 940-8838 E-mail: ETHICS cont.