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IRBA CEO, Bernard Agulhas and Chairman of

EXAMCOM, Francois van den Berg with Craig

Wallington, 2013 top candidate

Top support programme candidates

Mr Trust Karumbidza and Mrs Masana Ntinga

Nicole Wainer, who was in joint first place

in the 2012 PPE, shared her past year’s

experience with the top 10 students.


pubic practice

examination 2013

PPE Top ten Luncheon comes full circle

The Public Practice Examination (PPE) Top ten luncheon marked the closing of a chapter in the life of PPE as we know it.

The luncheon to celebrate the achievers was hosted at Turbine Hall in Johannesburg, the same venue where the first ever

luncheon was hosted in 2008. As the CEO commented on the day, the luncheon was not only closing a chapter on the PPE

but it was a closing chapter in the life of the IRBA, while marking the beginning of our new Audit Development Programme.

Congratulations to all the Top ten candidates!

IRBA Chairman, Adv Willem

van der Linde, SC, addressed

guests at the function.