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STANDARDS c o n t .

The ME is required to follow the requirements of Government

Gazette No. 38764, paragraph 1(b), from 17 February 2016.

This states that if the ME's financial year ends on or before 30

April 2015, the MEmust use the 2007 CoGP (see Government

Gazette No. 29617) to prepare its B-BBEE scorecard on

condition that this financial year has not already been used to

assess its B-BBEE status. If its financial year is after 1 May

2015, the ME will have to use the 2013 CoGP (Government

Gazette No. 36928).

The following Sector Codes have not been repealed and

remain valid until they are amended:


TourismSector Code – Government Gazette No. 32259.


Property Sector Code – Government Gazette No. 35400.


Agri-BEE Sector Code – Government Gazette No. 36035.


Forest Sector Code – Government Gazette No. 32320.


Financial Services Sector Code – Government Gazette No.



ICTSector Code – Government Gazette No. 35423.


Integrated Transport Sector Code – Government Gazette

No. 34267.

Queries in connection with the application of B-BBEE

legislation should be addressed to the DTI.

Auditors are alerted to the communiqué that was issued

by the IRBA on 4 March 2016 providing an update on the

IRBA's continued involvement in the B-BBEE Verification

Industry. The communiqué is available on the IRBA





Issue 33 January - March 2016