Corporate Social Responsibility

The IRBA makes an impact beyond its legislative mandate through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Through the CSR programme, the IRBA has reached out to various communities, with staff donating clothing, books, food and stationery on a regular basis. The CSR committee was formally established in 2014 and comprises of a member from each department and a director representing management.

The CSR programme is run mainly through staff donations, which are in turn matched by the organisation.

In the past, the IRBA worked and donated to the following causes:

Santa Shoebox

The Santa Shoebox project is a community initiative of Kidz2kidz Trust, which co-ordinates the donation, collection and distribution of personalised gifts at Christmas for underprivileged children across South Africa and Namibia.


Compass is a shelter for abused mothers and children. The residents are provided with daily meals and living quarters. The facility has a crèche with qualified caregivers and an after-school facility for children of school-going age.

Arebaokeng Hospice

This is a hospice and an education facility for orphaned and vulnerable children and teenagers ranging from six to 18 years. They are given a meal after school and assisted with homework and offered psychosocial counselling by auxiliary workers. The IRBA donates food, stationery, clothes and cash to the centre.

Thembalami Care Centre

The care centre looks after frail pensioners of limited means, primarily those who receive a social or disability grant from government. The IRBA donates reading material and Christmas goods to the centre.