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In keeping with regulatory requirements, the IRBAhas various

statutory committees to assist it with carrying out its mandate,

which is mainly focused on protecting the public interest and

promoting the integrity of the auditing profession. The core

values that guide this mandate are independence, objectivity,

commitment, transparency and accountability.

In addition, the IRBA is required to “actively review and engage

with auditors and audit firms to ensure that professional

standards are of the highest quality”. When there are reported

transgressions, the IRBA is required to investigate alleged

improper conduct, conduct disciplinary hearings and impose

sanctions for improper conduct.

The two committees that are mandated with supporting the

IRBA carry out its investigating and disciplinary functions are

the Investigating Committee and the Disciplinary Committee.

To perform their statutory duties well, these committees need

to have members with appropriate skills, competencies and

experience. However, for proper governance and

transparency, committee members serve only limited terms

before newmembers have to be recruited.

Presently, both committees have vacancies that have resulted

from terms of office that have ended as well as resignations, in

some cases. The Investigating Committee has four vacancies

that will need to be filled by three registered auditors and a

senior lawyer. The regulatory requirement for this committee is

that it “must include individuals with significant legal


The three existing vacancies in the Disciplinary Committee will

require a senior counsel or a retired judge for the position of

deputy chairman; someone who is or was a registered auditor

in public practice; and an individual who is or was a practising

attorney or advocate.

Once appointed, members will be eligible to serve on the

committees for three years, with the option to renew their

terms of office only once. However, in the case of the

Disciplinary Committee terms of office are renewable twice.

Interested individuals should please send their applications

and CVs to Jill Levendal at

by 15

January 2015.


Due to the early publication of this issue of


, the Legal section's list of matters that were considered between October

and December will appear in the January-March issue alongside the 2016 first quarter listings.

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Issue 32 October - December 2015

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