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The IRBAhas committed to looking at those concerns that are

within its jurisdiction. For example, the regulator has plans to

have more interventions and contact sessions for SMPs

through regional councils and SAICA structures. Below is a

table that shows some of the main concerns that were

highlighted during the roadshows and the IRBA's

commitment, where this applies, to what it will do to address


The perception of auditors from small firms is that they do not

get enough support from the IRBAand SAICA. This is the view

that was expressed by small and medium practitioners

(SMPs) in their evaluation of this year's roadshows, which they

assessed as being gearedmore towards big firms.

Of the almost 900 practitioners who attended the 16

roadshows held around the country, 90% were from small and

medium-sized practices. A concerning fact, though, was the

lack of representation of black RAs at the information


1 7

Issue 32 October - December 2015

Comments from auditors

Can the IRBA

respond to


The presentations placed more focus on

big or large firms and less focus on SMPs.



More contact sessions with SMPs will be arranged

through regional councils and SAICA structures.

Could the root cause in inspection findings

be a need to further educate auditors? If

so, how will the IRBA address this?


Consideration to be given to current CPD

requirements and SAICA accreditation requirements.

Can the IRBA influence the DTI to increase

the public interest score?


SAICA is in the process of addressing this, in

collaboration with the IRBA.

There is a need for more sessions/

workshops throughout the year to

support auditors.


The IRBA to increase its collaboration with

SAICA so as to leverage off the institute's regional


The IRBA and SAICA should prepare a

communication that explains the value of

an audit and this can be provided to clients.


The IRBA has made a commitment to assist RAs

in this regard.

Will it be possible to conduct roadshows

through webinars?


Discussions with various training organisations to

look at utilising their technological expertise and

resources are under way.

The RA brand is not properly promoted

and the IRBA should revisit its strategy

regarding marketing the RA qualification.


The IRBA to revisit its strategy on raising awareness

about the RA brand and profession.

The IRBA should strive to publicise

auditing success stories.


The issue is being addressed through the IRBA's

media strategy.

Auditors in small practices do not obtain

sufficient support from the IRBA and



The IRBA and SAICA are collaborating for increased

support to SMPs.