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Illustrative Auditor Reports

Section 19(3) FAIS report

International Trade Administration Commission of South Africa (ITAC) – Automotive Production and Development

Programme (APDP) reports:


Company Specific Percentage/s Application for Vehicle Assembly Allowance (VAA)


Declaration of Imported Component Values (Form C1)


Production Rebate Credit Certificates (PRCCs)


Standard Materials and Component Declaration (SMD)

Assurance report prepared to meet the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) Listing Requirements: Independent

reporting accountant's assurance report on the compilation of pro forma financial information included in a

prospectus/pre-listing statement/circular

Annual Stockbroker's audit reports submitted to the JSE Limited in terms of the Securities Services Act and JSE

Directive DG 1.7

Auditor's report on the audit of Estate Agent's Trust Account

STANDARDS c o n t .

South African Reverse Bank (SARB) Exchange Control Department (Excon) – Circular 13/2006 Import & Export

Undertakings: Auditors' limited assurance report on import and/or export transactions of companies granted

exchange control dispensation

The report of the independent auditor of Credit Providers to the Board of Directors and the National Credit

Regulator in compliance with Regulation 68 of the Regulations to the National Credit Act, 2006


Omsendbrief 01/2009 – Vertaling van IAASB Glossary of Terms (December 2006)

Circular 1/2006 – Giving Second Opinions

requesting additional information from the principal(s) of

the estate agency firms.

The notification may be accessed on the EAAB website. If

there are any questions about the notification, auditors may

contact the EAAB Audit Compliance Department at

. The EAAB has also asked the IRBA to

alert RAs to the requirements of The Management Rules

issued in terms of the Sectional Titles Act, 1986 – particularly

Management Rule 29(2)(b), which addresses the need for

fidelity guarantees.

Estate AgencyAffairs BoardAlert

Auditors of estate agents' trust accounts are alerted to a

notification on audit compliance issued by the Estate Agency

Affairs Board (EAAB) on 23 November 2015. The notification



Enhancements to theMyEAABAuditors Portal

The EAAB has enhanced the effectiveness and efficiency

of theMyEAABAuditors Portal.


Verification of submitted audit reports

One of the enhancements to the auditors' portal is the

automated generation of the Preliminary Verification of

Audit Report Letter. Various noncompliance issues raised

by the auditor will now automatically result in the letter


Issue 32 October - December 2015