30 Aug 2016

The objective of the IRBA is to endeavour to protect the financial interests of the South African public and international investors in South Africa through the effective and appropriate regulation of audits conducted by registered auditors, in accordance with internationally recognised standards and processes.

In terms of section 11 of the Auditing Profession Act, Act 26 of 2005, the Minister of Finance must appoint not more than ten non-executive members to the board of the IRBA.
The general functions of the IRBA are to:

  • Take steps to promote the integrity of the auditing profession, including:
    • Investigating alleged improper conduct;
    • Conducting disciplinary hearings;
    • Imposing sanctions for improper conduct; and
    • Conducting inspections.
  • Take steps it considers necessary to protect the public in their dealings with registered auditors.
  • Prescribe the standards of professional competence, ethics and conduct of registered auditors.
  • Encourage education in connection with, and research into, any other matter affecting the auditing profession.
  • Prescribe auditing and ethics standards.

The Minister of Finance must appoint competent persons, including registered auditors, to effectively guide the activities of the IRBA, based on their knowledge and experience.

A member of the IRBA appointed in terms of section 11 of the Act will hold office for a period not exceeding two years, and may be reappointed, but may not serve more than two consecutive terms of office.

Eligible persons who wish to be considered for appointment are invited to submit applications to:
The Chairman: Nominations Committee
Independent Regulatory Board for Auditors
c/o The Board Secretary
PO Box 8237
Greenstone 1616
Docex 008
Or by e-mail to

Applications must include a curriculum vitae detailing the applicant’s knowledge, experience and suitability as a Board member, together with copies of the applicant’s qualifications. A standard application form, as well as further information regarding the Board, is available on the IRBA website,

The application form must be completed by all applicants.

The closing date is 30 September 2016.

Enquiries should be directed to Jill Levendal at 087 940 8800 or via e-mail to