Update on CEO Recruitment Process

07 Feb 2020

Update on CEO Recruitment Process
Johannesburg / 07 February 2020

Dear Stakeholder

As the current 2-year term of the IRBA CEO, Mr. Bernard Agulhas, concludes on 31 March 2020, the Board had commenced with a recruitment process for the position of CEO. The process is ongoing but is unlikely to be concluded by the end of March.

In order to ensure continued leadership and the efficient operation in the best interest of the IRBA, its staff and the profession, the Board has elected to extend the term of the CEO to the end of June 2020 to ensure that it follows a proper and due process.

The Board is committed to transparency and good governance, which will result in the best outcome for all stakeholders.

Abel Dlamini


About the IRBA

The objective of the IRBA is to endeavour to protect the financial interests of the South African public and international investors in South Africa through the effective and appropriate regulation of audits conducted by registered auditors, in accordance with internationally recognised standards and processes.