13 Dec 2016

The IRBA is established in terms of section 3 of the Auditing Profession Act, 2005, (Act No. 26 of 2005). The strategic focus of the IRBA is to protect the financial interests of the public by ensuring that only suitably qualified individuals are admitted to the auditing profession and that registered auditors deliver services of the highest quality and adhere to the highest ethics standards.

The goal is to help create an ethical, value-driven financial sector that encourages investment, creates confidence in the financial markets and promotes sound practices.

The IRBA executes its responsibilities through statutory committees.

The INSCOM consists of a maximum of eight (8) suitably qualified and experienced persons who are not directly or indirectly involved in public practice and are not members of the INVESCO, DISCOM or DAC. The members are responsible for:

  • Monitoring the progress of the inspections cycle;
  • Considering whether the inspection reports and recommendations are consistent and of an appropriate quality (on an anonymous basis);
  • Considering the recommendations made by the IRBA’s inspectors, and determining the final outcome of inspections; and
  • Providing guidance to, and advising the IRBA’s inspections department on challenges and contentious matters, including recommending appropriate remedial activities.

INSCOM must meet as often as circumstances require, but at least four (4) times per calendar year. The Board has three vacancies on INSCOM and expressions of interest in serving on the Committee are invited from people with sound accounting/auditing related backgrounds.


An attendance fee of R4 096 per meeting, plus travelling costs, are paid by the IRBA.


Eligible persons who wish to be considered for appointment to this Committee should forward their CVs to by 13 January 2017, with the subject line: Application for Inspections Committee. Please note that we will only accept applications for specifically advertised positions. Only successful applicants will be contacted for follow up. An interview with potential candidates may be required.

Committee members are expected to be familiar with the IRBA’s purpose. Further information about the IRBA can be obtained from its website

CVs must be e-mailed to by 20 January 2017.